Sydney Lupkin

Smokeless Tobacco-FDA
FDA keeps brand-name drugs on a fast path to market ― despite manufacturing concerns Sydney Lupkin
5 things we found in the FDA’s hidden device database Sydney Lupkin
Donald trump Grand Rapids Rally
Consumers rejected drug plan that mirrors Trump administration proposal Sydney Lupkin
Overcoming Opioids Better Drugs
Trump administration salutes parade of generic drug approvals, but hundreds aren’t for sale Sydney Lupkin
Execution Drugs-Pfizer
Pfizer settles kickback case related to copay assistance for $24M Sydney Lupkin
Opioid Death Risks
Drugmakers blamed for blocking generics have jacked up prices Sydney Lupkin
Opioid Death Risks
Patients overpay for prescriptions 23% of the time, analysis shows Sydney Lupkin
Drugmakers dramatically boosted lobbying spending in Trump’s first quarter Sydney Lupkin
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