Troy Farah (page 2)


Troy Farah is a science and public health journalist whose reporting has appeared in Scientific American, STAT News, Undark, Ars Technica, VICE, Discover Magazine, and others. He co-hosts the drug policy and science podcast Narcotica. His website is and can be found on Twitter at @filth_filler [photo: John Haas]

Vibrio Vulnificus Bacterium
Nurse disinfecting male arm before drawing blood
Aerial View City in the US; Cancer Cell
Henrietta Lacks
COVID-19 Coronavirus
Sad cat
Tabular iceberg floats in a stormy green sea, Southern Ocean, Antarctica
Drug Enforcement Administration DEA Officer
New York; Wildfire Smoke from Canada
Immigrants seeking asylum
Artist’s impression of an aurora and the surrounding radiation belt of the ultracool dwarf LSR J1835+3259.
Red eyed man holding tissue to his nose
Drug addiction concept
Closeup of the edge of open book pages