Wednesday, Sep 26, 2012 6:07 PM UTC

$1 million to pepper-sprayed protesters

Sitting Occupy demonstrators were doused at the University of California, Davis



It’s a good news week for pepper-sprayed Occupy protesters. On Monday Salon noted that a young woman famously pepper-sprayed by an NYPD officer is expecting a baby with the medic who helped her stung eyes. Now, the ACLU reports, the University of California will pay out a $1 million settlement to demonstrators doused in pepper spray during a demonstration at U.C. Davis last November.¬†Each of the 21 plaintiffs will receive $30,000, plus an additional $250,000 will go to cover the suit’s legal costs.

Images of “pepper-spray cop,” campus police officer John Pike, blasting sitting demonstrators with orange pepper spray garnered viral attention. The district attorney determined Pike’s behavior “not objectively reasonable,” but did not seek criminal charges.