Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 8:35 PM UTC

Romney camp disputes Tagg shake-up story

Calls a Politico report "a bunch of nonsense"

The Romney campaign said a Politico report about a “family intervention” and staff shake-up is “a bunch of nonsense.”

The initial report, by Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei, said that “private frustration” with the campaign among the non-Mitt Romneys was mounting in the days leading up to the debate, so much so that they staged a successful “family intervention”:

Chief strategist Stuart Stevens — whom the family held responsible for allowing Romney’s personal side to be obscured by an anti-Obama economic message — has seen his once wide-ranging portfolio “fenced in” to mainly the debates, and the television advertising that is his primary expertise, according to campaign officials. Tagg Romney, channeling his mother’s wishes, is taking a much more active role in how the campaign is run.

Romney campaign spokesman Kevin Madden told reporters that the account is “a bunch of nonsense,” the LA Times reports.

“It doesn’t make any sense to any of us who are on the campaign,” Madden said. “Everyone right now is working really hard and really well together — very focused on getting the governor’s message out.”