Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012 2:41 PM UTC

Salon limerick contest

Five-line rhymes about the week in politics


Debating the debates and channeling Snoop Dogg in this week’s dose of doggerel.

With six weeks to go, Barry blinks.

And Romney’s back in it! (Fox thinks);

“But unless Mitt can pick up

Ohio, this hiccup

Means nothing” (our strategist winks).

Cody Walker

Ann Arbor, Mich.


Obama says Mitt’s meretricious.

But he’s really the one who’s been vicious.

And we know in our bones,

He’ll keep firing drones,

‘Til he wipes out whoever he wishes.

James McEnteer

Quito, Ecuador


Obama, has your eloquence fled?

Romney may have came out ahead,

Yet he flip-flopped and dodged,

Each criticism you lodged.

There’s SO much I wish you had said.

Douglas McMillan

Sedgwick, Maine


There once was a guvnor named Mizzle.

He likes good and hates bad, fo shizzle.

We don’t know where he stands,

But we still are big fans.

‘Cuz we trust him to do the Right thizzle!

Allison Herren Lee


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