Friday, Oct 19, 2012 6:58 PM UTC

Senate candidate tells moderator he’s “prettier” than Candy Crowley

Democrat Richard Carmona apologized for a joke about the male moderator VIDEO

Senate candidate Richard Carmona, D-Ariz.

Senate candidate Richard Carmona, D-Ariz.  (Credit: Facebook/CarmonaforAZ)

Richard Carmona, D-Ariz., apologized for telling a male moderator that he is prettier than Candy Crowley during a debate with his opponent in the Senate race, Republican Rep. Jeff Flake.

During the debate, moderator Brahm Resnik joked: “Geez, now I know how Candy Crowley felt.”

“You’re prettier than her,” said Carmona.

Carmona, whom Flake has accused of having a problem working well with women, said in a statement: “I tried to tell a joke to lighten the mood in a debate. I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry.”

Via Buzzfeed.