Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 1:30 PM UTC

NRSC stands behind Mourdock

Unlike Todd Akin

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, is standing by Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock after his comments that a pregnancy resulting from rape “is something that God intended to happen.”

Cornyn, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said in a statement: ”Richard and I, along with millions of Americans – including even Joe Donnelly – believe that life is a gift from God. To try and construe his words as anything other than a restatement of that belief is irresponsible and ridiculous.”

The NRSC has been less forgiving toward Todd Akin, and is still steering clear of him after his comments about “legitimate rape.”

Mitt Romney, who is starring in an ad for Mourdock airing around Indiana this week, said he “disagrees” with Mourdock’s comments, but so far hasn’t shown any sign that he’s backing away from his endorsement.