“The Mortal Instruments”: Methadone for Twi-hards

Vampires, demons, hot guys, eyebrows and cheekbones: This sludgy blend of "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" has it all

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"The Mortal Instruments": Methadone for Twi-hards

Cheekbones, eyebrows, excellent hair and some perverse and disgusting demons with that entrail-sex organ look made possible by CGI. That’s most of what I remember about seeing “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” the opening installment in a new teen-oriented fantasy franchise that makes few concessions to outsiders. As directed by Harald Zwart (of the “Karate Kid” remake) and scripted by Jessica Postigo Paquette, this is a cheerful, high-energy screen adaptation of the best-selling young-adult novel by Cassandra Clare that may fill the post-Potter, post-“Twilight” void, if only on a temporary basis. It’s an episodic yarn about half-angelic “Shadowhunters” arrayed with and against vampires, werewolves and demons that arrives at the tail end of summer, when its target audience is presumably home from the beach but not yet back in the classroom.

With its blend of romance, action, magic and bits and pieces of supernatural hoo-ha imported from other sources – the Potterverse and “Twilight,” most obviously, but also “Star Wars,” “Avatar,” “Lord of the Rings” and the “Blade” and “Underworld” series – this initial “Mortal Instruments” picture has the vibe of a straight-to-video release from the mid-‘90s, except with a $60 million budget and considerable special-effects expertise. Its young stars have the right feeling of almost-famous beauty and anonymity: Lily Collins, who’s had supporting roles in “The Blind Side” and “Stuck in Love,” plays Clary Fray, a New York teenager who discovers that her missing mom has been concealing her true identity, heritage, destiny, etc. Clary’s principal foils are a blond, brooding Anglo Shadowhunter named Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower, who has appeared in both the “Potter” and “Twilight” series) and her mildly nebbishy “mundane” would-be boyfriend, Simon (Robert Sheehan, of the British teen series “Misfits” and the Irish crime series “Love/Hate”). [This is a correction: I previously had this character confused with Alec, played by Kevin Zegers.]

It’s evidently important, in this kind of universe, to present the young female protagonist with sexual dichotomies, as with the choice between the preening, narcissistic Jace, who is liable to play a Bach fugue or kiss her in an enchanted garden at midnight, and the loyal but thoroughly chaste Simon, who at one point gets abducted by vampires and strung up in what looks very much like an S/M bondage club. Jace is like all possible genders at once, Simon none at all. This series also continues the “Twilight” tradition of making parental figures seem inordinately young, thereby suggesting perverse possibilities that may (or may not) be unintentional. In this case, Lena Headey, who plays Clary’s mother (and has lately been seen as Cersei Lannister on “Game of Thrones”), is 15 years older than Lily Collins, although they could easily pass for sisters. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Henry VIII on “The Tudors”), meanwhile, plays Valentine, a Shadowhunter who has gone to the dark side in some confusing fashion and who may or may not be Clary’s dad, and he’s only about 10 years older than Collins.

But of course, all these people are angels, or semi-angels or, in Clary’s case, semi-demi-angels, so even though they can die, maybe they don’t age normally? It’s safe to say there was a lot about this movie I didn’t quite get. What I did grasp is that Clary thinks she’s a normal New York teenager – that is, a normal New York teenager who lives in a neighborhood that is clearly in suburban Toronto – until she starts drawing weird rabbit-head glyphs and having fragmentary memories and attracting the attention of Jace, whom “mundanes” like Alec can’t even see. The lady who lives on the ground floor of her building (CCH Pounder) is a witch, and Clary gets drawn into a literally underground New York scene, dressing in discount fetish gear and hanging out in a decrepit, sub-Hogwarts place called the Institute, presided over by an untrustworthy looking tweedy fellow called Hodges (Jared Harris, who played Lane Pryce on “Mad Men”). Shadowhunters are half-human guardians trying to save the earth from demons, you see, or all of them except Valentine, who has defected to the demon team and wants to find a Holy Grail-type artifact whose whereabouts Clary’s mom may have hidden in Clary’s mind, or something.

I quite enjoyed “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” in patches, like the super-creepy scene when Clary has to enter the catacombs where all former Shadowhunters are interred, presided over by some corpse-like monk-dudes with stitched-up mouths, in order to get her repressed memories back. But a lot of it is super-generic fight scenes and Clary not quite getting to kiss Jace for various reasons, and you almost never get that feeling of specific gravity, of commitment to the universe, that was present even in the most extreme dumbass moments of the “Twilight” and “Potter” movies. I imagine fans of Clare’s books will find this movie largely satisfactory, but it’s distinctly a rush job, an almost random collection of sexy-supernatural teen signifiers aimed at squeezing the penultimate dollars out of a declining trend. There’s something almost cool about that. (But, OK, not quite.)

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    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Hannah and Adam, "Pilot"

    One of our first exposures to uncomfortable “Girls” sex comes early, in the pilot episode, when Hannah and Adam “get feisty” (a phrase Hannah hates) on the couch. The pair is about to go at it doggy-style when Adam nearly inserts his penis in “the wrong hole,” and after Hannah corrects him, she awkwardly explains her lack of desire to have anal sex in too many words. “Hey, let’s play the quiet game,” Adam says, thrusting. And so the romance begins.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Marnie and Elijah, "It's About Time"

    In an act of “betrayal” that messes up each of their relationships with Hannah, Marnie and Elijah open Season 2 with some more couch sex, which is almost unbearable to watch. Elijah, who is trying to explore the “hetero side” of his bisexuality, can’t maintain his erection, and the entire affair ends in very uncomfortable silence.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Marnie and Charlie, "Vagina Panic"

    Poor Charlie. While he and Marnie have their fair share of uncomfortable sex over the course of their relationship, one of the saddest moments (aside from Marnie breaking up with him during intercourse) is when Marnie encourages him to penetrate her from behind so she doesn’t have to look at him. “This feels so good,” Charlie says. “We have to go slow.” Poor sucker.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Shoshanna and camp friend Matt, "Hannah's Diary"

    We’d be remiss not to mention Shoshanna’s effort to lose her virginity to an old camp friend, who tells her how “weird” it is that he “loves to eat pussy” moments before she admits she’s never “done it” before. At least it paves the way for the uncomfortable sex we later get to watch her have with Ray?

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Hannah and Adam, "Hard Being Easy"

    On the heels of trying (unsuccessfully) to determine the status of her early relationship with Adam, Hannah walks by her future boyfriend’s bedroom to find him masturbating alone, in one of the strangest scenes of the first season. As Adam jerks off and refuses to let Hannah participate beyond telling him how much she likes watching, we see some serious (and odd) character development ... which ends with Hannah taking a hundred-dollar bill from Adam’s wallet, for cab fare and pizza (as well as her services).

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Marnie and Booth Jonathan, "Bad Friend"

    Oh, Booth Jonathan -- the little man who “knows how to do things.” After he turns Marnie on enough to make her masturbate in the bathroom at the gallery where she works, Booth finally seals the deal in a mortifying and nearly painful to watch sex scene that tells us pretty much everything we need to know about how much Marnie is willing to fake it.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Tad and Loreen, "The Return"

    The only sex scene in the series not to feature one of the main characters, Hannah’s parents’ showertime anniversary celebration is easily one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the show’s first season. Even Hannah’s mother, Loreen, observes how embarrassing the situation is, which ends with her husband, Tad, slipping out of the shower and falling naked and unconscious on the bathroom floor.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Hannah and the pharmacist, "The Return"

    Tad and Loreen aren’t the only ones to get some during Hannah’s first season trip home to Michigan. The show’s protagonist finds herself in bed with a former high school classmate, who doesn’t exactly enjoy it when Hannah puts one of her fingers near his anus. “I’m tight like a baby, right?” Hannah asks at one point. Time to press pause.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Hannah and Adam, "Role-Play"

    While it’s not quite a full-on, all-out sex scene, Hannah and Adam’s attempt at role play in Season 3 is certainly an intimate encounter to behold (or not). Hannah dons a blond wig and gets a little too into her role, giving a melodramatic performance that ends with a passerby punching Adam in the face. So there’s that.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Shoshanna and Ray, "Together"

    As Shoshanna and Ray near the end of their relationship, we can see their sexual chemistry getting worse and worse. It’s no more evident than when Ray is penetrating a clothed and visibly horrified Shoshanna from behind, who ends the encounter by asking if her partner will just “get out of me.”

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Hannah and Frank, "Video Games"

    Hannah, Jessa’s 19-year-old stepbrother, a graveyard and too much chatting. Need we say more about how uncomfortable this sex is to watch?

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Marnie and Desi, "Iowa"

    Who gets her butt motorboated? Is this a real thing? Aside from the questionable logistics and reality of Marnie and Desi’s analingus scene, there’s also the awkward moment when Marnie confuses her partner’s declaration of love for licking her butthole with love for her. Oh, Marnie.

    13 of "Girls'" most cringeworthy sex scenes

    Hannah and Adam, "Vagina Panic"

    There is too much in this scene to dissect: fantasies of an 11-year-old girl with a Cabbage Patch lunchbox, excessive references to that little girl as a “slut” and Adam ripping off a condom to ejaculate on Hannah’s chest. No wonder it ends with Hannah saying she almost came.

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