Anne Rice

Anne Rice's "Servant of the Bones" Diary, August 8, 1996

Published August 5, 1996 7:29PM (EDT)

hi guys, this is Anne Rice on August 8 reporting from the road. We began our glorious and extremely comfortable bus tour with a first stop at Huntington, Long Island last night. I signed thousands of books for spirited readers and on the way back to New York, we danced to the music of Elvis on the big bus.

This is a wholly different kind of tour that will take us to small towns, and we love it. Thank you also for calling my home line message machine 504-522-8634 and leaving us your impressions of the new book, "Servant of the Bones."

This is a thrilling time for us. More and more readers are embracing the spiritual aspects of the books while still demanding a thrilling tale. We're as convinced as ever that horror fiction can be meaningful and great. And we are having a ball out here.

For those of you who have read of the ugly controversy [see Wall Street Journal, page 1, August 8, 1996] in New Orleans about me trying to save the old churches of the Redemptorist Parish, please forgive the press. As I told you on my phone line some time ago, I don't give interviews anymore so the reporters are dipping their pens in acid.

New Orleans loves you and so do I.

On the political side, if you agree with me, please push our handsome Mr. Clinton to give us a reasonable flat tax, a flat national income, health care for all and to decriminalize drugs. It was a joyous experience that Charlie Rose let me talk about all this on his television show the other night. I was amazed and, I think, so was Charlie.

Now let's get the word to the president.

My love to all of you out there. You have given me the courage to be the individual I want to be -- let them compare me to Liberace, Elvis, Madonna or Ru Paul. I'm delighted! I'm honored. I'm fearless. And looking forward to signing more books and hearing more of your voices and seeing more of your faces. Come on, tell me if you hate the book. It's fine.

Regarding "The Mummy," a book I wrote some years ago: James Cameron [director of "The Terminator"] is presently working hard on a script for it. I don't plan a sequel anytime soon. Jim Cameron is very committed to making a movie of "The Mummy," and I want to give him the space he deserves. But that won't stop me from returning to Ramses at some later date, with all my usual independence. I couldn't be happier about Cameron's acquisition of "The Mummy."

And also, guys, thank you for letting me cast my own book, "Servant of the Bones," with Antonio Banderas. I haven't heard from the beautiful man himself -- he's in Madrid -- but my hero Azriel is a physical tribute to the beauty and the character and talent of Antonio.

Onward. This is too much fun. How can one be so transgressive, so obsessed with God and evil, and have a great big Nashville-style bus and so many smiling readers to visit? Maybe I'm dreaming?

God loves you. . .by whatever name you call him, he loves you I am sure.

Anne Rice

New York . . .headed out for Connecticut

By Anne Rice


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