Anne Rice's "Servant of the Bones" Diary

Antonio, "The Mummy" and Bill Clinton

Published August 19, 1996 8:22AM (EDT)

people who come to our signings are of all ages, from all walks of life, the mainstream swallowing the old black-clad cult readers and the loyal gay
readers. But everything's there -- only going to prove that Americans are hungry for spiritual substance in their novels.
What I mean is, people want to read thrillers that have meaning! They want
excitement and ideas! I've never felt more energized.

Other notes:
I won't be doing a sequel to "The Mummy," at least not until director Jim Cameron makes his movie of it. I adore Cameron, and besides, when I return to Egypt, to the Pharaohs and the painted inscriptions, I want
to go
darker, deeper. I thank you all for asking about "The Mummy." But it's now
in Jim Cameron's hands.

Definitely check out Jim Cameron's restored version of his film, "The Abyss,"
if you haven't seen it.

By the way, there were no ghosts in this Vermont guest house. Maybe the
graveyard across the street is too inviting.

Let me end with my vote of confidence for Bill Clinton. Why doesn't this
president get more credit for what he has done? Is he, perhaps, too handsome,
too threatening to American males? Whatever, the Democrats are for the
people. Maybe after the election, we'll see President Clinton invite Colin
Powell onto his team.

Keep your calls coming into my message line in New Orleans, 504-532-8634. Let
me know what you think of the new books.

I love seeing you all at the signings! Pictures of Antonio are always
welcome! He
is more than beautiful, he is my current spiritual muse.

By Anne Rice


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