Drama Queen for a Day: We've had it with you sob sisters!

When you're looking for projectile vomiting, tender hearts and 3 year olds in pumpkin suits won't do.

By Salon Staff
November 13, 1997 1:00AM (UTC)
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What gives? You think the editors of Mothers Who Think run this Drama Queen
contest every month for our own entertainment? Well, in fact, we do.
What else are we going to do after spending our days e-mailing our co-workers
to find out who has candy in their desks or calling up publishers with
bogus requests for review copies of books we're just going to give to our
relatives for Christmas or strolling purposefully past the cubicles of the
single men in the business department? Huh?

Well, we're going to read your submissions to this contest, that's what!
And what we expect, month after month, is dogs with indigestion and leaky
diapers and Vaseline smeared all over brand-new bedspreads. And here you
all go, getting wistful on us.


OK, fine. We can do it your way. This time. Just don't
forget to vote.

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Salon Staff

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