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Wanderlust asks: What's your favorite nude beach?

Published June 26, 1998 6:36PM (EDT)

Now that the sultry days of summer are upon us, we at Wanderlust find our thoughts turning to a subject dear to many: nude beaches. Some people travel halfway around the globe to find the perfect nude beach; others just walk down the road. But we're sure that if anyone knows nude beaches, you do.

So here's your assignment: Tell us what your favorite nude beach is, why it's so great and how we can get there. If you have a tale associated with your choice, so much the better -- and if you want, send along a photo, too! Next week we'll choose one of your suggestions to spotlight as our Wanderlust Nude Beach of the Week. And if there's enough interest, we'll keep choosing a new winner each week for the rest of the summer.

Send your favorites to

And keep searching -- somewhere there's a newer, even better beach out there!

By Salon Staff

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