Presidential paws

Presidential paws: what kids want to know about Buddy and Socks.

By Salon Staff

Published November 18, 1998 11:38AM (EST)

First lady Hillary Rodham peppers her new book, "Dear Socks, Dear Buddy,"
with fun facts about presidential pets, those fortunate furry ones who
call the White House home. Did your history teacher let on that Martha Washington was a cat lover, that Woodrow Wilson allowed sheep to graze on the White House lawn or that Millie, the Bush's springer spaniel, was the first pet to land a book deal? The first lady also answers some of the most common (and pressing) questions children have about Socks the cat and Buddy the dog. Do the two pets get along? Do they miss Chelsea now that she's away at college? Do they have special Secret Service agents looking after them? Here are some of the curious questions -- selected from more than 300,000 letters from children across the country -- that appear in the book. (All author proceeds from the book will benefit the
National Park Service Foundation.)

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