Banned in Belgrade

The Web provides links to Serbian diatribes, Albanian liberation dispatches and Yugoslav radio you can't get in Yugoslavia.

Published March 25, 1999 8:00PM (EST)

Since the early days of the civil war, the radio station B92 has been considered the main independent voice of Yugoslavia and has been shut down several times because of its pro-democracy broadcasts. B92 was shut down again Tuesday night, but thanks to the Dutch ISP xs4all you can still hear its broadcasts online. Albanian Radio21 also offers online "news and features from the Kosova reality," broadcasting out of Pristina.

The Kosava Crisis Center offers an array of news from around the world, opinionated editorials and historical information about the situation in Kosovo, from a pro-independence point of view. offers similar resources.

For a pro-Serbian point of view, check out Serbia Info. Put together by the Serbian Ministry of Information, the site includes news, a Serbian encyclopedia and diatribes that compare President Clinton to Adolf Hitler and argue against NATO intervention. Government-sponsored Albanian Terrorism and also purport to offer "the truth about Kosovo" -- seemingly straight from Slobodan Milosevic's mouth., on the other hand, offers views from the Serbian Democratic Movement of Kosovo and Metohija -- a religious group that's both pro-democracy and anti-secession -- and includes an entire book on the history of Kosovo.

CrisisWeb, an international organization, is operating a field project in Albania and Yugoslavia to gather and disseminate information about the ongoing problems. The site offers deep analysis and balanced insights into the current problems in the Balkans.

The Digital Journalist is the sobering diary and photos of AP photojournalist David Brauchli, who spent last summer in Alabania.

The AlbaNews mailing list is an active discussion area for residents and expatriates of Albania, as well as those concerned about the events in Kosovo.

And the BBC, as usual, offers up some of the best live reporting of the bombing. Check back often.

By Janelle Brown

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