Furious over Kosovo

In Salon's Letters to the Editors section this week, readers gave their opinions on Yugoslavia, Salon Technology's April Fools' Day piece and other stories.

Published April 9, 1999 1:08PM (EDT)

The ongoing conflict in the Balkans has Salon readers writing in with a fury. On Monday, reader Branimir Anzulovic argued that the "Kosovo myth" of the noble, martyred, misunderstood Serbs has become a self-delusion that has fostered massacres both during World War II and in this decade. And on Wednesday, readers attacked Salon for an anti-Serbian bias in our Kosovo coverage.

Meanwhile, we heard a collective groan over the April Fools' gag in our "Money Talks" piece, especially from readers chagrined at being so easily duped.

You love Gwyneth! Or at least you don't hate her.
On Tuesday, readers got hopping mad over Michelle Goldberg's hit piece on Gwyneth Paltrow. Still, one reader actually said he found the best reason to dislike Paltrow in our pro-Paltrow piece.

Wednesday, readers blasted Salon for perpetuating homophobic stereotypes with the characterization of a flight attendant in "Honeymoon Turbulence." Outraged S/M practitioners also wrote in to say that sexual abuse at the hand of ballet instructors was just that -- abuse, and not true S/M.

Salon's new "Nothing Personal" gossip column has drawn an onslaught of reader mail, mostly negative. Joyce Millman, meanwhile, got a fan letter from reader Fred Harring, who waxed nostalgic over Millman's profile of rocker Chrissie Hynde.

Friday, Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff and Salon contributing writer Joe Conason face off over Conason's review of "Uncovering Clinton." To get the blow-by-blow, read on below:

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