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Published June 22, 1999 4:00PM (EDT)

"Star Wars" despots vs. "Star Trek" populists
Why is George Lucas peddling an elitist, anti-democratic agenda under the guise of escapist fun?
By David Brin

I was a Jar Jar jackass
How a "Star Wars" fan took aim at a despised Gungan and discovered the power of grass-roots Net campaigning.
By Steve Wilson

The fury over jive-talking Jar Jar
"Star Wars" lovers call for Jar Jar's head.
By David Cassel

The biggest indie film ever made
Inside the Lucas empire with "Phantom Menace" producer Rick McCallum.
By Michael Sragow

The spirit is willing, but the Force is weak
Finally, "The Phantom Menace." "Star Wars" fans deserve better.
By Charles Taylor

"Star Wars" widows
As their mates obsess over "Star Wars," these women find their relationships crushed under the weight of the Force.
By Cynthia Durcanin

Brilliant Careers: The medieval mind of George Lucas
Though he draws on our century's pop culture for his raw material, his vision arises from the Middle Ages.
By Jim Paul

Waiting (and waiting) for "The Phantom Menace"
"Crazy K" is so crazy about "Star Wars" movies he's been in the ticket line for weeks.
By Jenn Shreve

Star what?
Ten reasons not to see "The Phantom Menace."
By Toby Young

The director strikes back
Irvin Kershner, the maker of the best "Star Wars" film, talks about George Lucas and magic moments on the set.
By Michael Sragow

20th century boy
It's Ewan McGregor's old-time Hollywood charm that's making him a big-time Hollywood star.
By Stephanie Zacharek

The Internet strikes back
Online sleuths piece together the plot of the forthcoming "Star Wars" film -- and post it on the Web.
By Howard Wen

The empire triumphant
How "Star Wars" ruined American movies.
By Charles Taylor

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Table Talk

Irvin Kershner Director of the best of the "Star Wars" movies?

Star warped What some people will do to get a ticket to the opening.

Ewan McGregor Indie star crosses over.

Take the 19th off and rent a Kurosawa videofest "Phantom Menace" is a waste of time.

The Star Wars trilogy A 1970s time capsule unto itself.

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