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Social Issues: Is there such a thing as an "Ex-Gay"? Mothers: I STINK! and other tales of terror Wanderlust: Travel Boo Boos

Published June 28, 1999 4:00PM (EDT)

Is there such a thing as an "Ex-Gay"?

Social Issues | Edward Cole - 02:50pm Jun 22, 1999 PDT (# 610 of 623)

Its a pet peeve of mind that relationships are often treated like
spreadsheets or score cards."I spent $5 on gas so you have to spend $5 on
dinner" or "I drove the kids to soccer practise so you have do the
laundry." Their seems to be a lot of record keeping in the contemporary
relationship in order to avoid the unavoidable fact that relationships and
love don't neatly add up. I think what I was trying to get at, on topic, is
that men are still being taught an older lesson about relationships and
power. Women have something they want and they have to be strong enough and
crafty enough to get it. Gay men are thought to subvert this through either
cowardice or conceit.

Quoting Auden:

If equal affection cannot be, Let the more loving one be me.

I STINK! and other tales of terror

Mothers | Charlotte Johnson - 04:57pm Jun 18, 1999 PDT (# 28 of 54)

...When I was about five months pregnant, I had terrible allergies during
my pregnancy and was sneezing all the time. This particular morning I
hadn't even gotten out of bed yet and I had sneezed about five time in a
row..hard. I looked up at my husband, who was getting ready for work, and I
said "Honey, I've pissed the bed."


"I've pissed the bed. I sneezed, and I pissed the bed."

He walks over and helps me out of bed (a waterbed goddamn whoever invented
the things), looks at the sheets and says, "Why, so you have."

He never said another word on it, just changed the sheets. Every time after
that that I announced that my bladder had failed me he would look at the
sheets and mummble "Why, so you have."

To this day is makes me hysterical to hear him say that.

Travel Boo Boos

Wanderlust | DJC NYC - 01:37pm Jun 17, 1999 PDT (# 7 of 9)

Several years ago, I was invited to spend three months in Copenhagen. That
year, my parents retired, and we 3 children decided to send them on a trip
to Europe. I was their "travel agent" and made all the reservations. I had
just arranged for their tickets out of JFK to London a few days earlier,
when I headed out to the taxi which would take me to my own flight to
Copenhagen...out of Newark. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that, until we
pulled up to what used to be that airline's terminal at JFK and faced signs
saying all their flights were going out of Newark. The taxi driver, a
classic NY taxi driver if there ever was one, asked what time my flight
was, and even though it was now the height of rush hour, said "Don't worry,
I can do it!" And he did. We whipped in and out of traffic, going so fast I
was afraid to look at the speedometer. We passed trucks on the right WHILE
CROSSING A BRIDGE! After that, I just closed my eyes and prayed. And I made
it. But I hope never, NEVER, to take such a taxi ride again!

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