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By Salon Staff
Published August 27, 1999 12:00PM (UTC)
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Use your knowledge of to win
a $250 gift certificate for a scrumptious
dinner party compliments of!

Are you a true aficionado? Can you quote liberally from the likes of Camille Paglia and Garrison Keillor? Well, that's just what we want, so keep it coming! As a thank-you for your support of Salon, we'd like to reward you with a chance to win a $250 gift certificate for your own exclusive dinner party! Read on to find out how you can win.


We think of as a virtual dinner party with all your favorite guests and plenty of food for thought. A place where cutting-edge thought-leaders, artists, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and the political opinion vanguard join to create a uniquely stimulating conversation. is a one-of-a-kind gathering for the intellectually adventurous. You can always tell who the Salon reader is at any dinner party ... note the guest with the most clever and insightful answers and who's absolutely never lacking a provocative response.

How to enter:

To enter, we're asking you to test your own Salon savviness and see just how discerning you are. Let's see how you stack up at the dinner table. Do you dare? If you can answer these five penetrating questions correctly, you'll be eligible to win a $250.00 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice. If you win, you can host your own wonderful dinner party, courtesy of


Please enter only once -- multiple entries will result in disqualification. Electronic entries are strongly preferred, though postal entries are also permitted. Good luck!

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First Name:

Last Name:

E-mail address:




ZIP code:

Follow the links (they may help - hint, hint).

"She will be 19 in two weeks. I will be 44 in December, but I feel ready for assisted living."

This author is talking about:

surviving his daughter's first year in college

a March/August romance
the love of an old jalopy

"The classic Plato-vs.-Prozac argument -- what the heck are they talking about?"

It must be:

physical therapy

philosophical therapy

"A San Jose Mercury News columnist was suspended from her job. Her alleged conflict of interest was investing in the IPO of a company which she ...?"

I know! It's:

reports on regularly (both positively and negatively)

is friends with the CEO
gives only positive press coverage

"How come no one's talking about the sharp drop in teenage ------?"

It's definitely:

drug use

drunken driving

Who is the editor of "The English/Klingon Klingon/English Dictionary"?

It has to be:

Daniel Webster

Leonard Nimoy
Dave Stern

See OFFICIAL RULES for complete contest requirements. Good luck!

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