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Published October 26, 1999 4:00PM (EDT)

NEWSBUDGET -- 10/26/99

Three stories today, plus Kettmann on WS -- will talk to copy, art about
posting that one.

David Shifflett on gambling in south
slug: gambling
post: asap

Fetzer Mills on Farmers vs. environmentalists as flood ravages continue
slug: floyd
post: asap

Jake Tapper on Bill Bennett, George W.'s values point man
slug: bennett
post: asap


McGray on Biowar - DW

Suzie Parker gets the dirt on J.H. Hatfield - DW


UN/williams (in) AY

DOE/alvarez (this week) DW

Could Japan nuke accident happen here?/alvarez (this week) DW

Congressional haircut/dubro (end this or next week) DW

Chile-Horman case/franklin (next week) DW


Susan Crabtree is writing a feature on the rise and fall of Gary Bauer, the once leading Christian-right presidential candidate whose campaign seems to have terminal cancer. DL


neal pollack on chicago public housing
status: in, edited, sps

Sarah Wildman addresses rumors that Gore and Bush may seek a female running mate and provides a list of the Top 10 most viable female candidates. (IN) DL

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