Eye-opening punishment

Voyeurs in Mexico, Scotland and Japan have their wide eyes shut -- one forever.

By Hank Hyena

Published November 15, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Nov. 15, 1999

A Mexican, a Scottish and a Japanese Peeping Tom were all exposed and
punished last week, two by judges and one by divine intervention.

Kazuhiro Takashima, 32, received a three-year suspended prison sentence
from the Tokyo District Court for his voyeuristic adventures, notes
the Nov. 9 Mainichi Daily News. Takashima, a reporter at Tokyo
Broadcasting System, was busted after he sneaked into eight separate
houses to clandestinely film naked women in their baths. The wet-fetish
weirdo was also fired by his employer, for "getting to the bottom" of these
non-assigned topics.

Another video snooper was dismissed near Glasgow, claims a report in the
Nov. 10 Scottish Daily Record. David Henderson, a
46-year-old police CCTV operator, was banished after he zoomed his
remote-controlled cameras in on the buttocks and thighs of three nubile
women who were sashaying through the Paisley town center. Henderson was
already under suspicion after his arrest for publicly fondling himself two
years ago.

The unluckiest leerer of all was Raul Zarate, a Tapachula Prison warden in
Chiapas, Mexico. Raul grabbed his binoculars and scampered high on a
rooftop to ogle an inmate below him enjoying sex with his wife during a
conjugal visit, reports the Nov. 10 La Cronica. Absorbed in the
arousing view, Raul stumbled over a skylight and plummeted 23 feet,
dying instantly as he crashed right next to the lovers' bed. His
fatal intrusion instigated a jail riot that was quickly suppressed.

The three skin-spies above all suffered fates dissimilar to the original
"Peeping Tom" of 11th century English folklore. When Lady Godiva rode
bare-body through the streets of Coventry, the townspeople were ordered to
avert their glance. Everyone obeyed the decree, except a tailor named Tom,
who couldn't resist snatching a peek. Alas! As he gazed in awe at the
noble nudity of glam Godiva, his eyesight dimmed, forevermore. "Peeping
Tom" was magically cursed with blindness.

Hank Hyena

Hank Hyena is a former columnist for SF Gate, and a frequent contributor to Salon.

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