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Ask the madame: Two days of foreplay does the trick

By Salon Staff
Published November 17, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

As your man gets older and his performance isn't as sure a thing as it once was, remember that your seduction needs a certain amount of foreplay. Let him know ahead of time that you have "something" planned. Begin on Wednesday coyly hinting that you hope he's feeling good on Friday, because ... and don't say anything else. Thursday feed him a high-carbo meal because he'll "need his strength for tomorrow." Friday morning give him a little note, reminding him he has to be home by seven p.m. You'll have that little brain of his working overtime to figure out what you're up to!

-- From "Just Between Us Girls: Secrets About Men From the Mayflower Madam" by Sidney Biddle Barrows with Judith Newman.

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