Best of Salon 1999 -- Editor's Pick

Part three: From chick flicks to lesbian books, Henry Louis Gates to Chris Rock to JFK Jr., we covered it all.

Published December 28, 1999 5:00PM (EST)

Herewith, our pick of Salon's 50 most entertaining, provocative and important stories of 1999, in chronological order. Each day this week we'll add 10 to the list. We hope you enjoy this chance to read some great writing you might have missed first time around. And don't miss our "People's Choice" list of Salon's most-read articles of the year.

The ad from hell
By Ruth Shalit

Can a company successfully sue an agency for making a
commercial that really, really sucks? Stay tuned for a word from
our courthouse.

-- Media]

Is this as good as it gets? By Stephanie Zacharek

Ever since "Sleepless in Seattle," so-called chick movies have been in slow

-- Arts & Entertainment]

Every book is a lesbian book By Dorothy Allison

The author of "Bastard Out of Carolina" recalls how her youthful
imagination found Sapphists under the most unlikely covers.

-- Books]

Scary as hell By Arthur Allen

People are dying because antibiotics can't keep up with resistant bugs.
-- Health & Body]

The making of Henry Louis Gates, CEO By Craig Offman

When a trio of scholars decided to partner with Microsoft to create a pan-African encyclopedia, was it a match made in progressive corporate heaven -- or the founding of an ivory-tower gulag?

-- Books/Ivory Tower]

Bitter and blacker By Cintra Wilson

Chris Rock, the new heavyweight champ of humor, hits where it
-- Arts & Entertainment]

Henry Cisneros and the Starr syndrome
By Guy Raz

Taped conversations, a lawsuit by a woman named Jones and
a zealous independent counsel. Sound familiar? But the former
HUD secretary faces not impeachment, but 90 years in prison.

-- News]

Promotional intelligence By Annie Paul

When the two scientists who invented the
concept of emotional intelligence loaned the idea to New York Times science
writer Daniel Goleman, they never dreamed it would become a cottage industry.

-- Books/Ivory Tower]

The "strange magic" of JFK Jr.
By Joan Walsh and Camille Paglia

Something was going wrong in Kennedy's life before the plane crash, says Camille Paglia, who reflects on both the charisma and the emptiness of
the son of the martyred president.

-- News]

My own private IPO
By Carina Chocano

We invite your investment in our ill-defined but well-hyped venture.

-- Technology]

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