When the revolution comes

We invite readers to respond to the Family for Sale series with grand plans, brainstorms and blueprints for a better tomorrow.

Published March 3, 2000 5:00PM (EST)

We at Mothers Who Think would never
suggest, as a mother might, that if you
don't have anything nice to say, don't
say anything at all. But we would posit
that it is always better to chase a rant
with a grand plan rather than a sigh of
resignation. In this spirit, we would
like to invite readers to respond to
last week's onslaught of stories with their own
grand plans, brainstorms or blueprints
for a better way.

We call this interaction ''When the
Revolution Comes.''

In other words, in a perfect world, what
would be the rules about advertising and
kids? Marketing and school?
Merchandising and publishing? What is
wrong with the picture as it is painted
now by others? How would you fix what is
broken if someone finally gave you the
cosmic tool belt?

It's an election year, go nuts. Make a
lot of promises, create a lot of
unrealistic programs, lay the smack down
on paper and we will try to post as
much of what we get, that we love or
hate, as we can. Fire off your
contributions to revolution@salon.com.

By Amy Benfer

Amy Benfer is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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By Jennifer Foote Sweeney

Jennifer Foote Sweeney, CMT, formerly a Salon editor, is a massage therapist in northern California, practicing on staff at the Institutes for Health and Healing in San Francisco and Larkspur, and on the campuses of the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley.

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