Salon's Politics2000 launch party

Published March 21, 2000 3:17PM (EST)

The launch party for its politics and election
portal, Politics2000, in Washington,
February 16 featured a reception followed by a lively discussion by four of
most thought-provoking and controversial political commentators.

Click Here to see streaming video of the discussion's hottest moments.

  • Joe Conason
    The political editor of the New York Observer and co-author of "The Hunting of
    the President"

  • Stanley Crouch
    An essayist, poet and jazz critic, is best known for his provocative and fearless
    opinions on the state of race and culture in the United States.

  • David Horowitz
    President of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture.
    A bestselling author and editor, Horowitz may be best known for his
    lifelong intellectual and political journey.

  • Arianna

    Author of "How to Overthrow the Government", lecturer and broadcaster.

    The discussion was hosted by Michael Feldman from PRI's "Whad'ya Know?" show
    and focused
    on the role of race in the presidential election, poverty, the issue of the
    Confederate battle
    flag flying over South Carolina's statehouse and more.

    During the cocktail hour's key partner,
    -- a leading interactive platform
    for users to debate, comment and communicate with government, political and
    business leaders -- displayed their political
    portal and facilitated many lustrous conversations among the evening's guests.

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