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Published March 24, 2000 11:55AM (EST)

Bibliography A partial listing of books and sources used to research this work-in-progress.

Related Sites

At last count, LinuxLinks reports more than 10,000 "verified" Linux-related Web pages on the Net. It would be senseless to try to repeat that kind of info-overload here at the Free Software Project. Instead, we hope to offer readers a carefully culled list of links that we think are particularly useful or make especially good reading.

As with the rest of this project, this is only the beginning -- an alpha version of a kernel prototype, you might say. More links will be added as they are discovered and evaluated. And suggestions are always welcome.


Slashdot The one, the only, the original. As it has grown in popularity the quality of discourse has declined, but slashdot's pioneering moderation system still works reasonably well. Look here for alerts to and discussion of the most important events in the world of free software. Not to mention where to find that online Star Wars trailer.

Linux Weekly News Quite possibly the best summary of news and events pertaining to Linux.

LinuxToday If you're afraid of missing even the most boring press release touting a new Linux-compatible e-commerce solution, a daily check-in at will be your idea of geek heaven. LinuxToday links to everything, and what it lacks in selectivity it gains in comprehensiveness.

Linux Journal An excellent source for high quality Linux news and technical information. is VA Linux Systems' Linux "portal" offering. It's a good site for getting a sense of how the open-source community feels about current events, featuring a daily mix of content authored by volunteers.

Wide Open News Red Hat's portal. A good filter for finding links to newsworthy stories, but not quite enough original content. Sendmail's portal. Features well written articles on open-source issues.

LinuxWorld Frequent interviews with Linux developers and technical tips.

MozillaZine Daily updates about Netscape's Mozilla project.

DaemonNews Daily updates about the BSD world of open-source software.

Background Reading

The Free Software Foundation As an organized movement, free software got its start from Richard Stallman. The FSF Web site includes essays, licensing information, and links to indispensable software.

Linux Documentation Project More info about Linux than any one human can possibly absorb.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar Eric Raymond's influential paper argues the case for the superiority of open-source software development.

The Halloween documents Full text of the Microsoft memos on Linux and the open-source challenge to the company's dominance.

GNU General Public Licence (GPL) The code of conduct for free software coders. The "official" voice of the open-source movement. Good source of information about the pragmatic wing of the free sofware movement.

Setting Up Shop: The Business of Open-Source Software A former Netscape employees sets forth business models for open-source software.

More related reading

The Elements of Style: Unix as Literature Tom Scoville's classic essay explaining why Unix geeks are wordsmiths.

A Second Look at the Cathedral and the Bazaar A fairly harsh critique of Eric Raymond's seminal paper.

The Case for Government Promotion of Open-source Software Every libertarian's worst nightmare.

Cooking pot markets: an economic model for the trade in free goods and services on the Internet An interesting essay about the "gift economy" of the Net.

Revisionist Internet History Unix historian Peter Salus retells the history of the Net.

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