Venezuelans have the best sex

And they look good, too!

Published April 13, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)

Ever had great sex with a Venezuelan? I
mean really good, back-arching,
teeth-rattling sex, where your partner
shrieks enough to wake up the neighbors?
If you have, you may have also noticed
that your Venezuelan partner is admiring
him/herself in the mirror.

According to two recent surveys, that's
exactly what should happen. In a study
of sexual happiness, a Roper Starch
Worldwide survey reports that 46 percent
of Venezuelans were "very happy" with
their sex lives, the highest percentage
of any nation. A separate study
conducted in October supports this
theory, revealing that Venezuelans also
score the highest among 30 countries in
saying they constantly think about their

Among the top 10 nations most happy with
their sex lives, Brazil
ranked second with 32 percent and
Argentina clocked in at 20 percent.

So what's the deal with South America?
It seems that the entire region -- rife
with poofy-haired beauty pageant
contestants, topless beaches and
percussive music sent straight from the
devil himself -- is scrumping to great

Other nations ranking high on the Roper
survey, which interviewed 20,000 adults
in 19 countries, included the United
States (27 percent), India and Mexico
(26 percent) and Australia and France
(25 percent). Even the repressed Anglos
of Britain seem to have it going on to a
certain extent (23 percent).

"Latin lovers, amour in France and the
Kama Sutra in India, these
have strong associations with those
cultures," explains Roper global
research director Tom Miller.

Which of course leads us to the flip
side of the coitus coin. Who
isn't getting laid? If you're
traveling the globe in search of sex,
you'd do well to avoid Germany, Italy
and Malaysia (tied at 14 percent), China
(9 percent), Russia (6 percent) and Hong
Kong, where only 5 percent of the
population reports being satisfied with
their sex lives.

But, when considering all such surveys,
we must keep in mind that the world is
full of sexy liars.

By Jack Boulware

Jack Boulware is a writer in San Francisco and author of "San Francisco Bizarro" and "Sex American Style."

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