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By kimberly_clark
Published April 18, 2000 7:33PM (EDT)

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Tuesday Spotlight

9/26/00:<<a href="/mwt/sust/2000/09/26/norwegian_chutney/index.html"Ancient, yet edible
"A quick and venerable meal of Norwegian, Greek and Turkish descent -- but hold the papyrus."

9/19/00: The love pond.
"My adventures into the strange underworld of water gardening."

9/12/00: Rich food, poor food.
Why are there no recipes for what to cook when you have nothing at all?

9/5/00: Dying with dignity.
"My sons are all to eager to help me go."

8/29/00: Way past cool.
"Wine cake is my take on motherhood and life."

8/22/00: Picking parents for Joshua.
"His biological mom and dad nearly killed him, now I must find the perfect people to give him a fresh start."

8/15/00: Doing the frango.
"Gramma was mostly indifferent to food -- she'd rather spend her money on a fabulous scarf than a foie gras any day, but she loved Frangos."

8/8/00: Between fertility treatments, pregnancy and parenthood, my husband and I have no time to score.
"It's a cool Florida winter night. My husband has always had a certain cold weather allure. A tall, lean fellow, Bill looks great in flannel pajamas and a terry cloth bathrobe. And there he lies in both, available, appealing -- and reading Penelope Leach on toilet training."

7/25/00: Intimate gourmet.
"In a medieval French village, my husband and I learned that to produce truly fine foie gras, one must embrace the goose -- and massage and fondle it too."

7/18/00: The joys of being a middle-aged man.
"Showers are not for lingering anymore, rogue hairs are forming their own colonies and I've developed the cleavage I've always admired."

7/11/00: Dinner at 8.
"The times were loud and boisterous, and we, the smallest witnesses, were along for the ride. People dropped in at all hours. They drank, and they laughed, and we laughed along with them. Outside there were assassinations, an unpopular war and burning cities. The world was changing fast. Maybe the cocktail-party crowd decided if they couldn't help, they would hide. But then everyone was young, even our parents."

6/27/00: Space Invaders
Bounced from astronaut training because of their gender, the Mercury 13 get no respect.

6/20/00: Cold fusion.
"I don't let my children play with fire. So they play with ice instead."

6/13/00: Hip papa.
Now that it's cool to be a dad, all you need is love and a Land Rover stroller. And maybe a pint.

6/06/00: Sour grapes, anyone?
Home schoolers -- big winners in national spelling and geography bees -- are criticized for "unfair advantages."

5/30/00: My first art.
"Three decades later, my first lover returned to remind me that I could still whip up a mean crhme anglaise."

5/16/00: Million Mom March.
"Mothers, we have shed tears for our children," Patricia Anderson of Albuquerque, NM, whose son was a victim of gun violence and survived, told the crowd. "Let's make our tears a raging river of votes to get our legislators out of office if they do not want stricter gun controls."

5/9/00: A tale of two mothers.
"My mother was a chain-smoking, champagne-swilling braless art mom. My best friend's mother was June Cleaver. They both suffered -- and made difficult choices."

5/2/00: I owe my life to hash browns.
"The first time my dad ever called my mom, he said, "I love hashed brown potatoes!" when she answered the phone. No "Hello." No "Um, this is Buzz Brandeis, we met the other night at the Quadrangle Club?" Just a bright, enthusiastic, "I love hashed brown potatoes!"

4/25/00: Letting go of Thomas.
A lawyer tries to prevent the ultimate abuse of a tiny victim.

4/18/00: One woman's experience with: Passover.
"We all believed in an unspoken liturgy of family love ... we pay homage to Passover because it involves dinner. In my family, food is divine."

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