Green eggs and Jan

She would not like him with a mouse, she would not take him from a house.

Published April 21, 2000 10:46AM (EDT)

I am Jan,

Jan I am.

I will not pick up Elian.

I will not put him in a car,

I will not take him near or far,

I will not go inside that house,

That Waco thing still freaks me out.

I will not take him in the rain,

I will not put him on a plane,

I will not pick him up, you see,

The exiles would be mad at me.

I will not take him to his dad,

Would you make Gloria Estefan mad?

I will not send him to Fidel,

Cause Marisleysis says it's hell.

I will not go and do my job,

I'm too scared of that angry mob,

I will not push old Uncle Laz,

He's got more lawyers than I have.

I know I promised, but oh well,

That's just too bad for Juan Miguel.

By Joy-Ann Lomena Reid

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