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Published May 19, 2000 4:00PM (EDT)

18 May

Full moon

19 May

Alaska and Hawaii GOP primaries

Daytime Emmy awards

Pete Townshend's 55th birthday

20 May

Kentucky GOP primary

Preakness Stakes, Baltimore

Joe Cocker's 56th birthday

Cher's 54th birthday

23 May

Arkansas and Kentucky GOP and Democratic primaries. Idaho GOP primary.

24 May

150th Anniversary Gala for Harper's magazine in Grand Central Terminal, N.Y.

25 May

Nevada GOP caucuses. Kansas state GOP committee meeting for delegate

Bob Dylan's 59th birthday

25 May

Mike Myers' 37th birthday

Lauryn Hill's 25th birthday

28 May

Indianapolis 500

29 May

Memorial Day

30 May

New York state Republican Party Convention

Calendar events collected from candidate Web sites, press releases, official government calendars and other reports. Dates and events subject to change.

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