Lusting after soccer moms

"The yummy mummy"

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Published June 5, 2000 7:10PM (EDT)

Saucy soccer moms

Bravo to Matthew DeBord for voicing what many a real-world man has known since high school -- soccer moms have got it goin' on!

Donna Reed with a diaphragm. The kittenish June Cleaver with a whip. Those Lands' End swimsuit models as direct descendants of the lovely ladies from the underwear section of the Sears catalog -- where it all got started. What a celebration!

And let's not forget my favorite substrata of the soccer mom: those earnest, well-read, saffron-smelling, slightly graying gals who grace the aisles and outdoor cafe tables of natural food stores. The Indian-print sundresses. The sexy little sandals. The (organic) white cotton panties (or lack thereof).


-- Ronald Gordon

I have another, perhaps more savory term: the yummy mummy. Mmmm.

-- J. Gliddon

I am a former stay-at-home dad who's had many conversations with "soccer moms" at drop-in centers, parks, supermarkets, etc. Though I understand Matthew DeBord's sentiments, I'd guess that many of these moms have one thing on their minds when they go to bed at night: uninterrupted sleep.

The best way to get to a mom's heart (or libido) is to offer to babysit the children for a few hours. Meanwhile, the soccer mom can straighten the house up a bit and maybe start the laundry. After that, count on five minutes of pleasant talk over coffee and a quick peck on the cheek. By that time, Billy will be up from his nap, screaming that the toilet's plugged up and wondering who the funny-looking visitor is. Still, I'm sure it would perk up many a tired mom to know she can still turn a few heads.

-- Graham Webster

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