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It's a man's man's man's man's world. And the lighting there is terrific.

By Ben Herman

Published June 7, 2000 7:38PM (EDT)

I took this picture in 1993. It's the men's bathroom on the second floor of Wheeler Hall on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

It was the most beautiful bathroom I have ever been in. (It may not be there anymore.) You just don't see urinals like that anymore. Look at the warmth and generosity of their design; they practically coax the pee out of the urinator.

Every afternoon, as the sun was going down, the windows would make an interesting pattern on the urinal side of the room, so one day I brought my camera in there to capture this beautiful effect. I think the other bathroom users thought I was a bit weird.

Ben Herman

Ben Herman is an attorney in New York.

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