John Hagelin for president?

"Where has the press been hiding this guy?"

Published June 9, 2000 7:48PM (EDT)

Reform Party rumble!
BY ANTHONY YORK (06/07/00)

Hearty commendations for covering John Hagelin's candidacy. You're among the few. Still, the article didn't reflect the reality accurately. Hagelin is galvanizing a passionate, committed base of support; his supporters dominated the California Reform Party Convention. That news was buried in the article, under the battle between Mangia and other Perotists vs. the Buchanan forces. I heard Hagelin speak a month ago and showed up at the Reform Party convention startled to see how much more energy is gathering around Hagelin than Buchanan. Buchanan has sagged behind Nader in the polls. Hagelin himself is the big news here, but you didn't cover THAT. Seems to me you need to do a follow-up, dontcha think?

-- A. Terry Patten

There's a good reason for this reluctance to discuss what the Natural Law Party (strictly a TM-movement front organization) and Hagelin (professor at Maharishi University) is, which includes a commitment to the destruction of democracy and a call for the institution of "divine rule," citing such winners as Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe as ideal leaders of the "New World Order of Peace." See full text

-- Bob Brigante

I admit, I was a "Perotista" in the days when he backed out of the race (and still got 20 percent of the vote!) And even though I'm a young voter (under 30) in search of reform, Buchanan scares the crap out of me! Yikes! On Sunday, my husband and I watched the CSPAN replay of Hagelin's California Reform Convention Speech. Where has the press been hiding this guy? His ideas are so common-sensical, I feel amazed he'd even WANT to be involved in politics! I definitely would like to see a whole lot more about this "unknown" -- see him catapulted into the spotlight! If people knew about him, they would elect him president in a heartbeat! He's got the solutions/answers we've been looking for, and because he's a relative "outsider" he's still got his heart and soul intact. Thanks!

-- T. Hoofing

By Salon Staff

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