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Lolo Ferrari, billed as having the world's biggest breasts, died in March, and her husband is being questioned under the French charge of "non-assistance to a person in danger."

By Jack Boulware

Published June 12, 2000 7:03PM (EDT)

A new development has cast a dark shadow over the untimely death three months ago of European porn star Lolo Ferrari, who was often billed as having "the largest breasts in the world" (71 inches). While initial news reports stated that the 30-something Ferrari, aka Eve Valois, died from natural causes, her fans speculated that perhaps her many silicone implant surgeries were to blame. An autopsy later determined that she died from an overdose of prescription antidepressants.

Last week, French police took in her husband/manager for questioning. Under suspicion since her March 6 death, Eric Vigne, 52, is said to have "discovered" the young girl several years ago, taking her virginity and shepherding her career. As she enlarged her breasts to gargantuan proportions, her fame spread throughout the world, and her media persona emerged as an erotic freak show celebrity. (Reportedly, the Guinness Book of World Records listed her as possessing the world's biggest breasts; her mammary glands apparently weighed more than 26 pounds.) She showered in cold water to keep her boobs looking their best, and she wore a brassiere even when she slept. Stories spread that airlines refused her as a passenger for fear that her silicone implants would burst in planes' pressurized cabins.

She was a regular attraction at strip clubs across Europe, particularly in Italy and Germany. A disco career featured her singing on the song "Airbag Generation." She attempted to register her name as a fashion label, but the idea was squashed by the Ferrari automobile company. Her 1995 appearance at the Cannes Film Festival made headlines around the world. She planned to release a Barbie-like Lolo Ferrari doll for her fans, sporting -- naturally -- enormous breasts. European media followed her many enlargement operations, which reportedly totaled 22 procedures.

But such notoriety came with a heavy price. Fans posting to a porn industry gossip site spoke of her heavy drinking and prescription drug use as she struggled with depression and anxiety. The Times of London described her as a "victim of commercial greed."

She died in her sleep at her home on the French Riviera, where Vigne discovered her body. Friends and fans mourned her death on her Web site: "One of our most important stars in the industry is no longer among us," said a model named Lisa Jefferson. "I believe that I and my fellow large-boobed girlfriends have the obligation to keep up the good work Lolo did for us and make her proud. That's why we will join forces and make sure that the fans of Lolo will still be served with the best hardcore pictures of girls and women with enormous breasts."

While her husband's involvement in her death remains unknown, Vigne's attorney told news agencies his client was apprehended under the French legal charge of "non-assistance to a person in danger."

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