Arin and Hannah's cold fusion atomic fireball tea

This admixture of fire and ice will give you sticky fingers.

By Gayle Brandeis
Published June 20, 2000 6:28PM (EDT)

You will need, per person:

  • One plastic cup
  • Enough water to almost fill the cup, but not all the way
  • One atomic fireball candy


    1. Put the water in the cup.

    2. Suck the atomic fireball until it turns your fingers red when you take it out of your mouth.

    3. Put the candy in the water and wiggle it around until the atomic fireball gets white or the water gets really red.

    4. Put the cup in the freezer. You can keep the atomic fireball in, or you can take it out. If you keep it in, the tea will be sweeter.

    5. Freeze overnight.

    6. In the morning -- or whenever your mom says it's OK -- take the cup out of the freezer and put it on the kitchen counter. While it's still frozen, you can lick it, like a popsicle, or you can chop it up and eat it, like a Slurpee, but most people wait for it to melt and drink it, like tea. Sometimes it takes all day. You can cover it so flies won't get in.

  • Gayle Brandeis

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