The prince currently known as randy

Video of Prince William: A boy, a girl and the royal nether regions? Coming: Leo and Gisele's getaway, live Webcast. Plus: Ahnuld says "Terminator 3" on the way.

By Amy Reiter

Published June 21, 2000 7:00PM (EDT)

The perfect gift for Prince William's 18th birthday (today)? As far as his granny the queen's concerned, it's a new and improved royal coat of arms, on which Wills has lovingly paid tribute to his late mother by including the Spencer family insignia.

The crest, based on arms used pre-divorce by Prince Charles before he had references to Diana's family removed, was the young prince's first official act.

But, thoughtful as the queen's giftee may be, I'd wager the prince would prefer to receive any extant copies of a certain steamy videotape that allegedly caught him in flagrante with a well-born young lady. Rumor has it the energetic young couple was snagged midmash by a security camera after a London gala.

But one "inveterate royal watcher" tells syndicated gossipist Liz Smith that, in all likelihood, the tape "did exist but has now been destroyed."

"It's no big deal. He's a healthy, randy, heterosexual boy. That's all the tape would show," the source told Smith. "That and his nether regions."

At least he keeps his royal jewels well polished.

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I'll take random boasts for 500, Alex

"I may have written the shortest, most valuable piece of music, ever."

-- Merv Griffin on the all-too-familiar "think" music he wrote for "Jeopardy!"

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Juicy bits

Lifestyles of the rich, famous and smarmy may not be all they're cracked up to be. Robin Leach has settled the deceptive advertising complaints brought against him by attorneys general in 12 states contending that the "dream vacations" he was hawking for a travel company turned out to be pricey nightmares. The "Bahamas cruises" he touted were nothing more than a daylong ferry ride with "Las Vegas-style" bingo. You mean that's not a dream vacation?

And speaking of nightmare vacations ... Leonardo DiCaprio has agreed to allow his summer holiday with his supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen at a Long Island spa to be broadcast live and uncensored on the Web. Might be your big chance to learn whether he's really a Titanic star ...

Brace yourself: Two hours of Britney Spears and 'N Sync may be on their way to your local multiplex. The boy band's Lance Bass has told New York magazine that Spears is in talks to appear alongside 'N Sync in a remake of the 1992 Whitney Houston film "The Bodyguard." The Bodyguards?

The man "Sex and the City" producers would most like to appear on their hit show? Anyone? ... Anyone? Yep, ol' Ferris Bueller himself, Mathew Broderick, real-life husband of "Sex" star Sarah Jessica Parker. "They ask him often, but he's too busy," Parker tells TV Guide. But she apparently wouldn't mind sharing him with her costars. In fact, she quipped, "Any of the women would be lucky to have him -- I mean, play opposite him."

Stalking Axl Rose has its consequences. Karen McNeil, who violated a 1997 court order to stay away from the Guns 'n' Roses front man by trying to enter his property on May 16, has been sentenced to jail time for her offense. Hope it satisfies her appetite for destruction.

He'll be back: After years of denying any interest in another "Terminator" turn, Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly told "Access Hollywood" that he's hoping to star in "Terminator 3." "We'll make an announcement soon," the big guy said. "It's all a matter of the script, the director and all of those kinds of things." You know, minor details like that.

Looks like British model Luciana Morad is leaving no stone unturned in her quest for Mick Jagger's money. Jagger, who is the father of Morad's 1-year-old son, has been ordered by a court to disclose his finances so a court examiner in New York can decide how much child support he should be ordered to pay. Morad's hoping to get 35K a month -- and has provided an itemized list of anticipated expenses, including everything from rent ($6,000) to zoo visits ($24) to two cellphones for the little guy's nanny ($150). Two cellphones?

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