Sex on the beach?

"You have to want to sleep with our cast," says "Survivor" creator; no tweeter touching for "Men in Black" director. Plus: Tammy Faye is "so mad" at RuPaul!

By Amy Reiter
July 5, 2000 11:00PM (UTC)
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Darwin apparently had it all wrong. It's not about survival of the fittest; it's survival of the sexiest.

"Survivor" creator Mark Burnett confesses that the castaway contestants were selected based on their sex appeal. (Yep, even Rudy.)

They also had to be "wild, a little out there, kooky even," he tells National Geographic Adventure magazine. "But no psychopaths. Our insurance wont cover a nut case."


The big thing, he says, is that "people have to want to sleep with our cast, but ... they can't all look like bloody Julia Roberts. There has to be some Alan Alda."

So while one clean-cut accountant was cut from the running for giving the wrong answer when asked if he'd ever sleep with a "slutty" girl, another castaway hopeful, an Erin Brockovich dress-alike, was rejected for being "all cleavage, no charisma."

After all, it is a team sport.


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But he didn't touch the tweeters

"I am such a control freak that when 'Men in Black' opened in six theaters in New York, I went to each two days before to listen to the sound and made them replace the subwoofers in every theater."


-- Barry Sonnenfeld on how a director's duties never end.

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Dressing up is hard to do

Look out, RuPaul. Tammy Faye Bakker Messner is keeping a heavily made-up eye on you.

The ex-wife of scandal-plagued televangelist Jim Bakker tells the upcoming issue of the Advocate that, while she "loves" gay people and thinks drag queens are "cute," certain drag queens strike a little too close to home.


"RuPaul is so cute when he dresses up," she says. "But what makes me so mad is that he looks better in those gowns than I do."

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All's quiet on Tweedy's Farm

"Our feeling is this is just a movie, and people are going to take it as just a movie. Chicken is the most popular food at the center of the plate, and we think it will stay there."


-- National Chicken Council spokesman Richard Lobb on why poultry processors are not threatened by the film "Chicken Run."

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Detention flashback

Hold onto your breakfast ...

John Hughes is in talks to direct an updated version of "The Breakfast Club," the quintessential '80s teen flick, according to the U.K. film site Popcorn.


There's no definitive word yet as to whether the $25 million remake will feature any of the brat packers (Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and her dandruff) who shot to fame as the disparate group of high schoolers in the original.

First "Dirty Dancing" and now this? Can a remake of "Pretty in Pink" be far behind?

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