Whose lie is it, anyway?

By Jake Tapper

By Salon Staff
July 7, 2000 11:00PM (UTC)
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I cannot believe you find it so hard to understand the basis behind the Bush campaign's outrage at the Gore camp's attacks on Bush's position regarding people living with disabilities. First, Bush's statement about the Gore campaign's "blatant misrepresentation" of Bush's recent record is a true statement. The statement by Gore's people was intended to imply (to misrepresent) that because Bush was opposed to the federalist implications of the "Olmstead" decision as it related to the use of Medicaid dollars, that he therefore is opposed to the independence of people with disabilities. This is an issue of federal vs. state decision making, not about the merits of disabled people living in a normal community setting.


This is just the type of fear-mongering that has become a typical and oft-used tactic of the Clinton-Gore machine. Let's just scare every sub-segment of the population into thinking that Bush and the Republicans really don't care about them. If it's said enough, and about enough groups, people are bound to buy in, right? Not me. And I hope not other thinking Americans either. I really appreciate hard-fought, honest debate about issues, not fears.

-- Greg Scofield

Apparently a group of disabled protesters were arrested outside the governor's mansion in Texas. Is it Tapper's position that the protesters should not have been arrested because they were disabled? (I don't doubt that that is the position of the Gore camp, since most people are victims -- certainly disabled people are -- and you have to pander to victims.)


I believe that is discriminatory. The disabled should have equal access and equal protection under the law. That means being subject to the same law as everyone else also. Bush should be applauded for having the courage to treat the disabled protesters just like any other protesters.

-- Curt Diaz

Miracle of miracles: Jake Tapper catches Bush in a blatant lie, and actually admits it! As the article shows, Bush's record on ADA does not bear any resemblance to Bush's claims. The same might be said about Bush's record on any number of things, but the press has been so busy planting unctuous kisses on the Bush backside that they have little time to report on the governor's real record.


Tapper has been quite negative about Gore, so I wonder what has happened to bring about this honest appraisal of Bush's most recent lie. Did he miss the Bush plane?

-- Deb Avery, Butte, Mont.

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