Will Britney Spears marry Rick Rockwell?

Sure, it's cheap sensationalism, but now that he's an author (what!?) and recently liberated ...; "Survivor" host: Contestants are "not being polite." Plus: Carmen Electra's sooty little secret about Rodman!

By Amy Reiter
July 11, 2000 11:00PM (UTC)
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Is Britney Spears fixing to slip on a filmy veil, snag a smart little bouquet and make her way down the aisle in a pristine white baby T?

So proclaim the U.K. tabloids. But -- oops! they've done it again -- the editors of London's Sun and the News of the World just can't seem to agree on whom the pop princess intends to marry.


While the Sun claims she's hankering to hitch up with Prince William -- "Marry Prince William? I would love that," the paper quotes her as saying. "After all, who wouldn't want to be a princess?" -- the News of the World reported Sunday that the virginal vixen had accepted a marriage proposal and a pricey engagement ring from 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, whom she has been dating.

"They were in a cafe having a coffee when Justin pulled out this ring -- Britney was left speechless," a "mate" of Timberlake's reportedly told the tabloid, adding that the proposal was made on bended knee. "They haven't set a date for the big day. They're just taking things slowly. The engagement is a very private matter for them. I don't think they've even told their parents."

Looks like it's back through the Britney rumor mill, baby, one more time ...


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Won't get fooled again

"I thought that rock 'n' roll was a different form of show business. I thought it unlocked something different about the human spirit and about the artistic process. And of course it didn't."

-- Pete Townshend on what he's learned over the years.


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Castaway crassness

"Survivor" host Jeff Probst has something to take up at the next tribal council meeting: He thinks the contestants are rude.

"They're not being polite," Probst tells TV Guide. "I guess that after a couple of days in the hot sun, with no food, sleeping on the ground with rats all over you, you don't really care about being nice."


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And does he see dead people, too?

"He's a replicant."

-- Director Ridley Scott, revealing on British TV that Harrison Ford's character in "Blade Runner" was, in fact, one of the genetically engineered creatures he was assigned to destroy.


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Everyday Rick writes the book

Be warned: Rick Rockwell is ready to make like Darva Conger and reveal himself.

No, he's not doffing his duds for the big bucks. (Shockingly enough, "The offers aren't exactly rolling in right now," he admits.) Instead, he's plumbing his soul -- busily working on his memoirs as he makes his way along the comedy circuit.


His tome's working title? "What Was I Thinking?" (It's the sequel to his unfinished first book "Laughing My Way to the Top.")

"I'm hoping by the end of this month I'll have it all written," the world's most famous multimillionaire annullee tells DailyRadar.com. "You're going to be reading about some very personal details that will illustrate my sincerity regarding this. And all I can tell you is it involves a member of my family and something that will be very telling, something that happened immediately before the wedding."

And if that's not enough to boost your anticipation to Harry Potter proportions, try this on for size: "The other thing is, it will really detail everything, especially the first 24 hours, of which I have not spoken publicly."

Can you stand the wait?!


I know, I know. It's rough. So just to whet your appetite for the kind of humorous revelations Rockwell has in store, here's the latest Conger line from his standup routine.

"If I had known Darva wanted to take naked pictures so badly, I would've taken a Polaroid on our honeymoon."


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Juicy bits

Sure, Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley, are no longer a team -- but that doesn't mean they can't join up for a crackin' round of cricket. The BBC reports that residents of the British village of Gloucestershire were "knocked for six" on Sunday when the uncouple arrived at the local cricket club to play a quick match with a smattering of aristocrats and celebrities -- including Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

More news from Splitsville: Carmen Electra has revealed that she has a very special pet name for her ex-hubby, Dennis Rodman: Little Choo-Choo. "I have all these little names for him," she tells the Toronto Sun, "but he's mad because all his friends found out and now they tease him. But he is so 'Little Choo-Choo' -- he is! He is a little baby." "Little" being the operative word?

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