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Salon's TV picks for Weekend, July 21-23, 2000

By Joyce Millman
July 21, 2000 10:45PM (UTC)
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The new series Sound Affects (10 p.m. Fri., VH1) features celebs talking about the songs and albums that changed their lives. I'd be more excited about this show except for one thing -- this is the same channel that brings us C-list celebs talking about their lame-ass musical faves on "The List." Annie Potts and Lorraine Touissaint are back for a third season of Southern bonding on Any Day Now (8 p.m. Sun., Lifetime). The new sitcom The Brothers Garcia (8:30 p.m. Sun., Nickelodeon) is like a Latino "Wonder Years"; John Leguizamo narrates as the now grown-up youngest kid in a suburban San Antonio family, recalling the trouble he and his brothers used to get into. Another new cable series, The War Next Door (9 p.m. Sun., USA), is a sci-fi sitcom about a retired CIA agent and his evil nemesis who become suburban neighbors, fighting a battle to the death every week. But then they keep returning from the dead. On Sex and the City (9 p.m. Sun., HBO), Carrie has a chance encounter with Big, and Samantha takes Viagra. Yet another new cable series, Strong Medicine (9 p.m. Sun., Lifetime), stars Janine Turner ("Northern Exposure") and Rosa Biasi as doctors with clashing personalities who open a Philadelphia health clinic. Executive producer Whoopi Goldberg shows up in a guest role. Faith Hill gets the once-over in a new Behind the Music (9 p.m. Sun., VH1). And another new series: The comedy Manhattan, AZ (9:30 p.m. Sun., USA) stars Brian McNamara as a newly widowed Los Angeles cop who moves his family to a weird Arizona town presided over by Mayor Chad Everett.



The Ice Age is comin', the sun's zoomin' in ... Yes, the Clash's prophecy comes true, but it ain't London facing a new Ice Age, it's L.A., in the new made-for-TV disaster flick Ice (8 p.m. Sat., ABC). Grant Show and Eva LaRue star. The new cable movie Race Against Time (8 p.m. Sun., TNT) stars Eric Roberts as a man who sells his body to an organ-harvesting ring to pay his dying son's medical bills. D'oh! The two-part miniseries Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (9 p.m. Sun., check local times, PBS) finds Lucy Maud Montgomery's heroine marrying a surgeon and following him to the trenches of World War I. Megan Follows has the title role. Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning (10 p.m. Sun., HBO) finds America's lesbian sweetheart returning to her stand-up comedy roots.



Mets at Braves (7:35 p.m. Fri., TBS; 8 p.m. Sun., ESPN)
Giants at Dodgers or regional action (4 p.m. Sat., Fox; 8 p.m. Sun., ESPN2)
Padres at Rockies (8 p.m. Sat., FX)

Tour de France (5 p.m. Sat., ABC; 7 p.m. Sun., ESPN2)


Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Susan Sarandon, Martha Stewart (rerun)
David Letterman (CBS) Jon Stewart, Lucy Pearl
Jay Leno (NBC) Ellen DeGeneres
Dennis Miller (HBO) Kevin Bacon
Politically Incorrect (ABC) Chad Everett, Anthony Anderson
Conan O'Brien (NBC) Skipp Sudduth

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