Gore's obvious choice

By Joshua Micah Marshall

By Salon Staff
July 21, 2000 11:45PM (UTC)
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I have the highest possible praise for Joshua Micah Marshall's article: It convinced me that he's right.

As a Democrat who very much wants to see Al Gore win, my first reaction to the headline and subtitle of the story was, "What an idiot! Kerry's a liberal from Massachusetts!" And yet, by the end of the article I was completely won over to Mitchell's point of view. Now I'm shaking my head and wondering how I could be such an idiot. I only hope that Al Gore and his staff read Mitchell's article and follow his advice.


The reasoning is impeccable, and the conclusion is almost impossible to counter. Regional balancing aside, Kerry really is the best man out there for the Democrats to pick, just as Gore was in 1992. I hope Gore has the sense to see this.

Thanks again.

-- Conrad Goehausen


Thank you for publishing Marshall's article on "Gore's Obvious Choice." He gave many clear and sensible reasons why Gore should choose Sen. John Kerry for his VP running mate. I confess that I have been one of those who held the old view that VP candidates should balance out weaknesses of the presidential candidate. Marshall made a compelling argument that the ability to "reinforce the message" is a much more valuable quality for a VP candidate to have.

Taking into account this unassuming quality, may I add another VP choice for Gore? Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas. Jackson Lee's spiritual stature reminds me so much of the late Barbara Jordan in the way she carries herself -- her strength, character, wisdom, intellect, communication skills and devotion to fairness in the treatment of all people. Sheila Jackson Lee has an image of a no-nonsense, but compassionate "queen of her realm"! And it is no small matter that she is from Texas! How would Bush and his team handle the likes of her? She is nobody's fool.

-- Loretta McFadden

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