National Stalkers' Month!

Claudia Schiffer gets a big, creepy proposition; Brad Pitt's stalker evades police; and more. Plus: Being a Spielberg.

By Amy Reiter
July 25, 2000 11:00PM (UTC)
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Say what you will about the stalker who reportedly burst into Claudia Schiffer's house recently: He came prepared.

According to the U.K. Sun, an overenthusiastic admirer recently broke into Schiffer's Majorca, Spain, villa and, finding the supermodel's mom within, hollered "I want to marry your daughter" and flung a wedding ring at her.


"The man seemed to be under the illusion he was Claudia's fianci," a police source told the tabloid. "Her mother was very shaken and scared."

The security guards who immediately wrestled the 44-year-old Spaniard to the ground discovered that he'd come armed with not only a bouquet of flowers, but another ring.

Maybe the spare band was for Schiffer's actual fianci, Tim Jefferies, and the stalker merely hoped to officiate?


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But at least he steered clear of Claudia's drawers

In other stalker news ... Athena Marie Rolando, the woman who sneaked into Brad Pitt's house last year, slept in his bed and tried on his clothes, is being sought by police after she neglected to show up for two court hearings. She was supposed to update the court as to the progress of her psychological counseling sessions.


Rolando, who says she put on Pitt's hat, sweatshirt, tracksuit pants and shoes because she was cold, could take a few lessons on what to pack for a successful stalking from Schiffer's frisky friend ...

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The ultimate alliance

"Everybody already knows who the winner is ... [creator Mark] Burnett and CBS."


-- Banished "Survivor" Gretchen Cordy on the reality-TV show's biggest beneficiaries.

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Michelle Pfeiffer: Not a screamer

For those of you who've wondered what sort of sounds Michelle Pfeiffer makes in bed, here's your answer: She giggles. And when things get really, really passionate, she giggles harder.


"I always get a little shy when I film sex scenes," Pfeiffer says. "My defense is to giggle. I know it is completely annoying for my male costars, but once I get started it takes a great deal of willpower to stop when the cameras start rolling."

But when she filmed her eerie "What Lies Beneath" romp with Harrison Ford, she admits, "It was such a dark and dangerous scene that I couldn't hide behind my giggles."

So she counted the pennies in her paycheck instead. "Being in bed with Harrison for a whole day was difficult work," she says. "I told him it was good thing I was getting paid for the ordeal."


Now, which one of them is afraid of snakes?

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Pushed by an angel?

"I ... did an episode of 'Touched by an Angel' about a woman who's committing suicide. The angel Monica saves her life. Cody immediately said, 'Oh, rats.' He wanted me to jump. I said, 'Cody, you're not alone. A lot of people want me to jump.'"


-- Kathie Lee Gifford, telling it like it is in Time magazine.

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Forget the Met

You may not own 3,000 pairs of shoes, but don't tell Imelda Marcos you don't feel right spiffy when you slip into a brand-new pair of sneaks. She's not buying it.


"There's a little Imelda in all of us," the Philippines former first lady told a crowd gathered Friday night for the opening of a shoe museum in Manila's "shoe capital," Marikina City.

Marcos, who was checking out the 200 pairs of her shoes on display at the museum, defended the opening of the shoe museum as "completely appropriate, not only for the people of Marikina, but more so for all of us." What's more, she said, when she slipped into a pair of designer pumps, she was doing it for the people; it was her own selfless way of promoting the local footwear industry.

And you thought she was just an opportunistic loafer ...

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Shop till you drop

"I'm not projecting into the future. I can barely think about next week. I don't even buy green bananas anymore."

-- James Garner on his attitude toward the future now that he's a ripe 72.

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Juicy bits

Contrary to popular belief, Joan Collins has her limits. And appearing onstage totally nude, without so much as a G-string to hide behind, is where the erstwhile "Dynasty" star draws the line. Never mind if the nudity is in the name of legitimate theater. That's why the woman who posed for Playboy at age 50 turned down a turn as Mrs. Robinson in the West End production of "The Graduate," a role that Kathleen Turner and Jerry Hall have embraced with naked glee. "It is unseemly to undress onstage," Collins told the U.K. Sunday Express. "I won't do that." Now you know.

You may think she's a nasty girl, but Janet Jackson has at least one judge's vote of confidence. According to Wall of Sound, the lawsuit filed against Jackson by her former cook, Ricardo Macchi, has been tossed out of court. The judge contends that Macchi, who claims Jackson used his name to fill prescriptions for an antidepressant, an appetite suppressant and a hepatitis B vaccine, didn't prove that he suffered any damage from the arrangement. No, the pharmacist's pitying looks don't count.

One last stalker story to send you whistling into your day ... The 27-year-old Iranian man who changed his name to Jonathan Taylor Spielberg and passed himself off as the 14-year-old nephew of Steven Spielberg has been sentenced to two years' probation for forging his way into a Catholic high school in Fairfax, Va. (To lend authenticity to his story, he drove a Beemer with "SPLBERG" license plates.) The man, born Anoushirvan D. Fakhran, was ordered to receive psychiatric counseling, perform 100 hours of community service and avoid contact with anyone under the age of 18. He says he did it "just for fun, to get the experience I never had," which is probably the very reason that the Spielberg stalker with the nipple clamps (remember him?) did it, too. Now that guy was really prepared.

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