Dot-com publicists: Don't call us

By Janelle Brown

By Salon Staff
Published August 17, 2000 7:09PM (EDT)

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This is in response to Janelle Brown's article slapping the hands of PR professionals trying to do their jobs. As a PR person, I have been compared to a prostitute, a used car salesperson and much worse (and you thought it couldn't get worse, didn't you?). Not only do I resent this as a professional, I resent this because I am a highly educated and informed businessperson expected to guess the whims of every writer from Vogue to Salon to the Wall Street Journal. Writers: Relax, be nice, and lose the holier-than-thou attitude.

Additionally, if you decide to constantly blast publicists, why not take a minute of your precious time to add to your article what sort of pitches you DO appreciate, and how you WOULD like to be contacted, so nobody wastes their time reading your useless PR bashing. And as far as the free Dave Matthews Band concert is concerned, why WOULDN'T you go? Are you too interested in keeping your integrity or that of your outlet intact? I doubt it ... you just sound whiny and ungrateful.

-- Amanda Hart

Janelle Brown's revelations about the lengths sleazy dot-com publicists will go to try and seduce hard-working journalists was a hoot.

But Janelle, in frequently mentioning the name of the company that was attempting to get coverage, didn't you give it just that -- a plug?

-- David Utting
computer and communications editor, West Australian Newspapers

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