A "major league asshole"

By Jake Tapper

By Salon Staff
September 7, 2000 11:00PM (UTC)
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Salty language isn't the issue. The hypocrisy of waving and smiling to a political crowd while speaking abusively about someone -- thinking one is not being heard -- gives one the opportunity to see the REAL person behind the friendly face.

-- Roldo Bartimole


George W. Bush's offhand remark to Dick Cheney about the New York Times reporter just goes to prove what we've always suspected about him, namely, that he lacks the sophistication and finesse to be able to cope with the office of the presidency. Not polite enough, not smart enough, not wise enough, not experienced enough, not in control enough, not good enough. Sorry, W., not getting my vote!

-- J.H. Gibson

The young Bush would do well to be thinking about questions the press will ask rather than mentally defending himself before being asked any questions. His thought process shows his perpetual immaturity. His inability to regret what he said, rather than what was overheard, is a reflection of his arrogance and inexperience. He must learn that he is on center stage seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and behave accordingly.


-- Linda J. Boettcher

Much ado about nothing seems to be the appropriate term considering the recent media feeding frenzy in having caught Bush uttering a phrase that many of us, at the very least, silently to ourselves, have used to appraise another.

One is led to believe, while the remark was certainly enough to raise the eyebrows, that it must have been a slow news weekend.


-- Jay Fisher

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