Strip-searched in Frankfurt?

By Daryl Lindsey

By Salon Staff
September 12, 2000 11:11PM (UTC)
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I traveled through Frankfurt airport on my way from Africa home to North America many times. Over five years, I went through Frankfurt at least five times. In all those times, I was never treated with anything but respect and professionalism by any of the security staff.


People have to realize that one of the things about air travel you have to get used to are security searches. It shouldn't matter who you are, you should be subject to the same safety/security requirements as everyone else who flies a commercial carrier. This is the only way to ensure the safety of all passengers.

It is regrettable that the "dignity" of the North Korean delegation was offended by what seems to be routine security searches (even if they were strip-searched, that is an option that everyone should be prepared for every time they take an international flight). However, consider how much American Airlines' dignity would be offended, and how much flak they would have taken from the North Korean government, had there been a bomb on that plane that was not discovered because someone was given a free pass due to "diplomatic connections."

-- Lyle Bateman


Not videotaping would seem to be an error. North Korea, while not popular, should have been allowed to proceed with great assistance by whomever they encountered to get them to the U.N. I feel their presence was crucial to the success of the meeting. Note: I was in during the Korean Conflict and lost friends, but that was then and this is now.

-- Raymond L. Clifford

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