Reporters and Columnists Team Up With Public Radio International's 'Beyond Computers'

By Salon Staff
September 21, 2000 2:32AM (UTC)
main article image (Nasdaq: SALN), a leading Internet media company, today announced a partnership with Public Radio International's nationally syndicated program "Beyond Computers." Each week,'s seasoned technology reporters will examine high-tech headlines with the show's host, Maureen Taylor. The agreement runs through May 2001.

Carried by 100 public radio stations around the country, "Beyond Computers" explores the people and issues shaping the digital age. Reporters, editors and columnists from Salon's critically acclaimed technology site will regularly contribute to the program.


Contributors include Salon columnist and managing editor Scott Rosenberg; senior correspondent Andrew Leonard; senior writers Janelle Brown and Katherine Mieszkowski, and staff writer, Damien Cave.

Salon will post the "Beyond Computers" audio segment on its technology site, The five-minute clip will be available in Real Audio, Windows Media or MP3 formats.

"We are delighted to introduce 'Beyond Computer's' tech savvy audience to Salon's great technology writers," said Leah Tracy, Salon's Vice President of Broadband. "And we couldn't think of a better partner for Salon's first digital audio content offering on the technology site."


Each week, "Beyond Computers" can also be heard in its entirety at

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