A bosom brainteaser

By Paige Evans

By Salon Staff
September 26, 2000 11:06PM (UTC)
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"Should one breast-feed on a blind date?" A better question is: Should one be rude on a blind date? Paige Evans certainly was. She was rude to the fellow patrons at the restaurant when she bumped her stroller into their chairs; she was rude when she subjected them to the squalling of an infant who clearly had no interest or business being at an intimate Japanese restaurant. How many of her fellow diners, I wonder, paid for a babysitter to escape the burdens of parenthood for a night, only to have Evans ruin their experience and rudely jerk them back to reality? Is she really surprised they scowled at her? As for her date's suggestion to do it again sometime, please do the world a favor and don't.


-- Scott Lindstrom

Funny, intelligent article! I might suggest to the author that perhaps a better blind date with baby (or any time) would be a brief cup of coffee. Even married and having several nursing friends, I wouldn't have braved a Japanese restaurant at 7 months!

-- Lonna Levine

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