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Ishmael Reed responds to Jon Entine's article on blacks, genes and sports

By Salon Staff

Published October 2, 2000 7:40AM (EDT)

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Entine says that people of African ancestry have a genetic advantage in sports. Everybody has African ancestry, and the ancestors of most people in West Africa originated in other parts of Africa. I know. I've actually been to Africa. Moreover, according to Andrea Dworkin's brave new book, "Scapegoat," pseudo-scientists in Nazi Germany regarded the Jews as a separate "dark" race. Entine describes himself as a "liberal Jew."

Moreover, to show you how absurd his argument is, in some parts of Europe, Entine would still be considered black. In Iceland, which I have visited, Entine would stand out in a crowd.

-- Ishmael Reed

Salon Staff

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