David Berman

"Actual Air"

Published October 5, 2000 7:00AM (EDT)

Poet David Berman is perhaps best known as the singer/songwriter of the band Silver Jews, who have released three albums on Drag City Records. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Clearly, James Michener's America has fallen apart, and Berman wants to put the pieces together in a new way. One feels certain he will: Berman's is a funny, smart, on-again, off-again poetry of great promise." --The New York Times Book Review on "Actual Air."

Listen to Berman reading poems from his new book" Actual Air (Open City Books) in this exclusive recording made inside a wine barrel in the basement of the New York club Tonic.

By David Berman

David A. Berman is the associate director at New York University's Center for Catastrophe Preparedness and Response, where he is leading an effort to look at the Department of Homeland Security and the next presidency.

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