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By Michael Crichton

Published October 5, 2000 7:00AM (EDT)

Harvard Medical School graduate Michael Crichton is the author of ten novels including "The Andromeda Strain" (1969), "Congo" (1980), "Sphere" (1987), "Jurassic Park", and "Disclosure" (1994). Each of novels displays an intimate knowledge of a different, specialist subject, among them primatology, neurobiology, biophysics, international economics, Nordic history and genetics. He has directed six movies, including Westworld, Coma, and The Great Train Robbery, and is the creator of the hit television series ER (winner of eight emmys in 1995). His works of nonfiction include "Five Patients: The Hospital Explained" (1970), and "Travels" (1988).

Crichton's novels have been translated into twenty-four languages and eight of his novels have been made into films, including Jurassic Park, one of the most successful films in motion picture history.

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Michael Crichton

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