Lydia Lunch

"Unearthly Delights"

By Lydia Lunch
October 5, 2000 11:00PM (UTC)
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Lydia Lunch, born Lydia Koch, grew up in Rochester, New York, and later New York City. She first hit the scene in 1976 with the New York punk band, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks. In the 20 years since, Lydia's intensity as an artist and performer has grown. Her multi-media creations include spoken word performances, writing, acting and film making.

Paradoxia, Lunch's recent novel, contains frank and often shocking confessions. She relays in graphic detail a predator's diary, revealing the psychic repercussions of sexual misadventure. From New York to London to New Orleans, Paradoxia is an uncensored, novelized account of one woman's assult on the male of the species.


'A tantalising read.' --Express
'It's extremely rare to read a book so virulent and honest. Do so, and be enlightened.' --Neon

Hear an excerpt of Lydia Lunch's track "Unearthly Delights," taken from her CD Crimes Against Nature (Atavistic Records).

Lydia Lunch

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